Automated Contract Review

Powered by proprietary deep learning and natural language processing, automated contract review greatly speeds up the process of your company’s or firm’s high-volume contract review.


Contract Negotiation is time-consuming.

Automated Contract Review speeds up the process by recommending company-specific revisions.

  • Suggests revisions based on edits to previously reviewed contracts.
  • Deploys your company’s legal playbook during each new contract review. 
  • Grows smarter and increases efficiency with each additional use.

All applied in “Track Changes” in your document in minutes

Put Your Work. To Work.

Turn your historical contract review work into data that can be leveraged to do future work on corporate form agreements and 3rd party paper.



How it works


BlackBoiler learns from your historically negotiated contracts and your company standards.


Through proprietary techniques, BlackBoiler creates client-specific editing models.


BlackBoiler leverages these models to mark up inbound contracts instantaneously in “Track Changes.”


BlackBoiler grows smarter and increases the efficiency of contract review with each additional use.


Execute contracts tailored to you faster with BlackBoiler.

Why BlackBoiler?

Increased Productivity

  • Review the same volume of contracts in a fraction of the time.
  • Allow your staff to leverage their past work to do future work.  


  • Accelerate revenue capture through faster deal closure.
  • Decrease costs and free up internal resources for more complex business and risk tasks.

Ease of Adoption

  • Tools and services designed to work within your existing systems and tools.
  • Products designed by attorneys to work for attorneys with no learning curve.

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