Data Handling

Your data is important to you. We work hard to protect it.

Enterprise-Grade Security 

BlackBoiler's cloud-based suite of products utilizes the highest encryption and security for your documents at all times. 


BlackBoiler utilizes HTTPS connections for all internal and external and data transfers and AES-256 encryption for document storage. 

Put your work to work 

BlackBoiler's platform transforms your historical doc and docx files into data and uses it to automatically train customized contract editing models.


With a closed feedback loop, BlackBoiler's proprietary machine learning technology improves coverage, efficiency, and accuracy with each additional use.

Institutional IQ 

Use your data to leverage the combined editing knowledge and work of your entire organization.


Don't work in isolation — BlackBoiler's machine learning models can learn from everyone on your team to benefit the entire team.

Interested in More?

Learn how BlackBoiler can optimize your company's contract review.

Contract faster. Contract smarter. 

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