Construction Contract Review 101: Save Money with Construction Contract Software

Construction contract software

Quick question: how many people do you know who love signing contracts? Ten? Five? The answer is probably closer to one or zero, and the one is probably a lawyer. Contracts are no fun. Long, winding, repetitive, confusing, and jargon-filled are some of the words people commonly use to complain about contracts. Life experience and […]

Contract Negotiation 101: How To Redline A Contract?

How to redline a contract

Whether you’re buying a car, commissioning a portrait of your dog, or embarking on a work contract, every negotiation has its own unique concerns and challenges. But there are also some important fundamentals that apply across the board. For example, contract redlining is one of the most commonly used negotiation techniques in business, and it’s […]

How can you use NLP for Contracts?

NLP for Contracts

For a long time, reviewing contracts has been a tedious and frustrating process, requiring lawyers to spend hours making minor changes before you could sign them. With the help of natural language processing (NLP), that’s no longer the case. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that enables computers to extract meaning from the human […]

Product update: "BlackBoiler has launched ContextAI, a new feature that gives a reason for every redline."