Lean Construction: How AI Contract Review Can Help Construction Teams

Lean Construction

Lean construction has gained significant popularity within the construction industry over the last decade. It is a method of construction that seeks to maximize value for clients while minimizing waste. The cost-saving benefits have led more and more contractors, subcontractors, and even some designers to embrace it. However, many owners have been slow to take […]

What is Contract Review Software?

Contract review software

Traditionally, lawyers spend countless hours reviewing hundreds of contracts every year. The contract review process has long been mired with inefficiencies and cycle times that can seriously impact team output and slow down the speed of business. Contract review software fills a critical gap in improving the efficiencies of corporate legal teams, transforming this time-consuming, […]

Three Key Issues in Digital Health Contracts

Digital Health Contracts

Technological advances have seen people shift to digital solutions, and the health industry is no exception. Pandemic-related challenges also increased the adoption of digital health solutions by patients, hospitals, and consumers. Digital health includes a variety of technology applications such as telehealth, personalized medicine, health tracking, health information technology, software, and software as a service […]

What is Automated Contract Review?

Contract analysis software

We live in a world where time is money. For corporate legal teams, this truism resonates particularly deeply: there are only so many hours in a day to structure transactions, draft documents, negotiate deals, attend meetings and make calls toward those ends. The most rewarding parts of the law profession stem from the problem-solving and analysis […]

Contract Negotiation Best Practices: How to Ensure Contract Compliance

Contract review process

Contract negotiation mistakes can be costly for both business owners and their clients. Whether you’re negotiating a contract as an individual or on behalf of your company, it’s important to know the ins and outs of how to make sure compliance with contractual obligations are being upheld both when you write the contract and once […]

Contract Review Software vs. Contract Lifecycle Management Software

construction contract review

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies must do everything possible to stay ahead of the curve. Utilizing groundbreaking technology and software is one way to accomplish this. While CRM and database management software are staples for most businesses, not many businesses are familiar with legal AI technology. Legal AI technology can handle everything from […]

NLP for Contracts: 3 Ways NLP can Simplify Your Contract Review Process

NLP for contracts

When it comes to contract review, time is of the essence. The sooner you can identify potential issues with a contract, the less likely it is that they will cause problems down the line. Additionally, given that most Fortune 1,000 companies have between 20,000 to 40,000 active contracts at any given time, solutions that can […]

Contract Redlining: How Contract Software Can Help You

Contract redlining

Every organization can benefit from processing contracts faster. The problem is that traditionally, with speed comes inaccuracy, but that is no longer the case. Contract redlining can now be moved to a more streamlined process that can remove human error and allow more efficient and effective use of human capital, thus saving organizations money in […]

Contract Review Software: How it Can Optimize your Contracting Process

Contract review software

Construction projects are, by their nature, complex. It’s critical for parties entering any construction agreement to prioritize the review and negotiation of their contracts. Contracts form an integral element of any agreement. With more providers offering contract review software, it’s important for every contractor to understand and scrutinize the available contract review tools that can […]

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