BlackBoiler Secures 12th Patent for AI Contract Review

AI contract review

Today, we proudly announce BlackBoiler has been issued a new patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for editing parameters, a unique component of our AI contract review software. While protecting our intellectual property is important, we are most committed to putting users in control of their AI.

An 85% text match threshold, for instance, would turn up more matches, create more edits and flag more clauses requiring attorney review. Whereas a 95% match threshold would mean BlackBoiler makes fewer edits and suggestions, marking up only clauses that were nearly a perfect match with an organization’s playbook.

Editing parameters effectively operate as a “throttle” on BlackBoiler’s automated contract review and markup technology, which allows clients to establish editing thresholds according to their risk tolerance and preferences. Our AI is able to calibrate text matching settings and adjust the number of edits made, depending on how closely the text matches client playbooks. Our AI contract review software automates as much as 70% of human review time, which translates into measurable savings to the bottom line.

Tunable, Transparent AI Contract Review

Today we hold 12 patents in the U.S. our AI-based contract review technology, and we continue to pursue additional IP protection in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. This latest patent reflects BlackBoiler’s commitment to creating glass box AI. This affords users tunability, while providing unprecedented transparency into the reasons for every redline. Because of the potential risks contracts pose to business, it is essential our users can troubleshoot and verify the accuracy of their system outputs.

We know how important tunability and control is. For lawyers to be comfortable using AI to negotiate contracts, it’s important to explain why the change was made. With that in mind, BlackBoiler’s ContextAI spots issues and inconsistencies, creates redlines and identifies the rule that prompted the change. ContextAI provides multiple examples of how others in the user’s organization have edited the same or similar language. 

We remain laser-focused on developing cutting-edge contract review and technology that keeps the user in control. We know contracts pose a huge risk to organizations, so we believe users should be able to tune the technology to their specific needs and have transparency into how the technology works on their behalf.

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