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Data Handling Procedures

Data Sharing


BlackBoiler does not share any data provided by its clients with any 3rd party. All data is secured in a data silo accessible only by the client and BlackBoiler staff.





Data Storage


BlackBoiler uses AWS and Google Cloud Services (FirebaseDB) for compuer servers and data storage. Access to those resources is secured via secure tokens and whitelists. Only approved BlackBoiler employees are given tokens enabling access to these resources and then only from known IP addresses.





Data Encryption


All data stored at rest is encrypted.  





Data Transfer

BlackBoiler transfers all data across secure connections via SSL connections between servers and between BlackBoiler servers and client machines.





Data Handling


Data provided by clients is either stored on a secure AWS server or resides on a BlackBoiler employee’s encrypted hard drive.





Hardcopy Data


Any hardcopy data is stored in locked filing cabinets when not in use, and destroyed when no longer needed.


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Last Modified: April 10, 2019