How To Navigate BlackBoiler’s New Contract Negotiation Playbook Builder

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Playbooks can change the way your contracting processes work. Our playbook builder allows you to build digital contract negotiation playbooks that power our proprietary AI contract review technology. With our playbook builder, you can build new editing models quickly – in some cases, as little as 10-15 minutes.

Our playbook builder does not require you to upload your historical contracts though it’s an option we provide. We recently discussed how a digital playbook builder is changing legal tech.  

BlackBoiler allows you to build your own digital playbooks in 3 ways: (1) Upload Example Contracts, (2) Custom Build, and (3) Import Rules.

Step 1:

When you log in to your portal, you will get access to a dashboard and your different editing models. The “New Model” button on the top-right corner is the first step to start building a digital playbook. Once you click on it, you’ll see the below window. You can choose the name of the model you wish to create and add the contract type from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2:  

Once you have created a name and selected a contract type, click on “Create Model” as shown in the following snapshot.

As soon as you “Create Model” you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:

This page presents the various options available for you to start creating your own editing model. 

Different Ways to Build Your Digital Contract Negotiation Playbook

1.  Upload Example Contracts

This feature allows you to upload your previous contracts that act as samples to power your automated contract reviews within BlackBoiler. Upload all the contracts that you have previously negotiated. BlackBoiler can align the edits from the sample contracts to rules in the rule library, and the playbook can be populated with the corresponding playbook rule. 

Drag and drop your files from your computer or browse and upload the files. Once uploaded, it will show you the file size, file type, upload date, and an option to remove. It will also show you the successful and unsuccessful uploads that you can fix as per your requirements. 

From there, you have 2 choices: opt for advanced settings or finish and submit – both in the top-right corner. Advanced settings allow you to do three things:

  • Archive Threshold
  • Model Similarity Generation
  • Training Feature Flag

Click on the save setting option and choose finish and submit. A page that says “Your *XYZ model* is being built and will be ready to view within 24 hours” will show up.

2. Custom Build

Follow the same steps till the creation of a new model and choose the “Custom Build” option. 

With custom build, you can select the type of edit you wish to make. There are three basic types of edits that you can make: (1) point edits (sub sentence revisions), (2) full sentence or paragraph inserts (FXIs), and (3) full sentence or paragraph deletes (FXDs).

After selecting the type of edit rule that you would like to add to your digital playbook, you can make example edits that train BlackBoiler’s automated editing engine. The editing process is powered by a machine learning loop that will continuously apply what it learns to other similar text. With custom build, you can minimize the manual editing time required to build a robust rule. 

After completing the editing cycle, a rule description is added and the rule is saved to the Playbook. 

3. Import Rules

Once you choose the Import Rules options, you will see a similar page as below. You can import rules from other models that you have already built within this feature.

BlackBoiler is pre-trained with over 200 editing rules in a rule library. You can build new editing models by selecting rules in the rule library and importing them into the new playbook.

Have Questions? Let’s Talk! 

BlackBoiler’s digital playbook builder is easy to use, simple, and powers your contract reviews. Once you have a robust playbook in place, you can put it to work. Deploy the playbook to receive contract markup in minutes directly to your email. Increase the velocity of your legal technology implementation with BlackBoiler. Feel free to drop us questions about our new feature. We’d love to chat! 

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