Solutions for Legal Service Providers

Empower your legal and business teams to reduce or eliminate repetitive work.

Workflows: designed to seamlessly plug contract attorneys into the review process

Whether review work is completed fully via outside counsel or some combination of in-house and outside counsel, BlackBoiler creates fully customized solutions to empower your clients and your attorneys to accomplish review work more efficiently.

Sample Workflow 1: Use contract specialists for the majority of the contract review but attorneys when necessary.

Sample Workflow 2: Clients can now decide which contracts require a more thorough review.

Why BlackBoiler?

Increased Productivity

  • Review the same volume of contracts in a fraction of the time.
  • Allow your staff to leverage their past work to do future work.  


  • Accelerate revenue capture through faster deal closure.
  • Decrease costs and free up internal resources for more complex business and risk tasks.

Ease of Adoption

  • Tools and services designed to work within your existing systems and tools.
  • Products designed by attorneys to work for attorneys with no learning curve.

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