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Introducing AI-Assisted Contract Review

The first product to instantaneously review and revise contracts right in "Track Changes," just like an attorney.

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BlackBoiler @ Legal Week!

Come listen to BlackBoiler's CEO and Co-Founder Dan Broderick speak at an upcoming Legalweek AI Bootcamp session in New York City on Feb. 3. 


Put Your Work To Work


BlackBoiler learns from your past negotiated contracts and your company standards. 


Through proprietary data extraction techniques, BlackBoiler creates client-specific editing models.


BlackBoiler leverages these models to markup new inbound contracts instantaneously in "Track Changes." 


BlackBoiler grows smarter and increases efficiency of contract review with each additional use. 


Execute contracts faster with BlackBoiler. 


This product is the holy grail!

— Head of Legal Operations, Global 500 Corporation

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