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The only patented AI contract software that instantaneously reviews and redlines contracts right in “Track Changes,” just like a human.


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Best Contract Review Tool

To Close Deals Faster

The best contract software powered by AI to help you keep up with the speed of business. With BlackBoiler’s AI-powered contract markup technology, you can redline contracts in minutes. Saving you time and money, while also reducing risk.

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Redline your contracts with AI technology, in minutes.

By negotiating contracts with AI, you can identify inconsistencies, and automatically suggest edits consistent with your company’s playbook — you can standardize how your company reviews and marks up their contracts, no matter who and where the contract is negotiated.


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AI Contract Software

BlackBoiler allows you to review contracts with AI in a fraction of the time while also allowing your staff to leverage their past contract review work to do future work.

automated contract review

Bottom Line

BlackBoiler’s Automated Contract Markup technology accelerates revenue capture through faster deal closure, decreasing costs and freeing up internal resources for more complex tasks

automated contract review

Scalable &

BlackBoiler allows you to build a contract negotiation playbook directly in the tool. The powerful AI contract technology will then review and mark up your contracts according to your playbook, just like a human would.

How Automated Contract Markup Works.

BlackBoiler uses AI to review contracts in minutes based on your historically negotiated contracts and your company standards. Through patented AI and NLP technologies, BlackBoiler automatically marks up inbound contracts according to your company’s playbook, right in “Track Changes.”

automated contract review
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About, BlackBoiler

BlackBoiler is a National Science Foundation backed, legal technology company composed of a dedicated team of engineers, lawyers, researchers, and operators working to create cutting-edge products that revolutionize the delivery of legal services. 

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